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Skin Care trio




Collections: Natural Body & Home Products

Product type: Beauty - Women's - Hair & skin

Vendor: Little Moon Acres Suds & Scents

Tags: $0 - $20, Bath & Body, Beauty, Little Moon Acres Suds & Scents, Modalyst, natural, new, popular, Skin care trio, trendy, United States, valentine’s day, Women's



This beautfiul Gift bag contains 3 items. 
A vegan peppermint lip balm consisting of soy wax, cocoa butter, grapeseed oil, vitamin E, shea butter and Peppermint Essential oil. 
A shower steamer scented in  Eucalyptus
A goat milk soap scented in Relax and unwind. 

This makes a great secret Santa gift, Holiday office gift or for yourself. 

We make our goats milk soap with a quality base and added fragrance oil of scent that is mild but relaxing. Added in a little mica for colorant and you have a nice 4 oz bar of quality soap. Goat milk soap is known for healing properties. It is the closest Ph to human skin and non drying.  It is recommended that you use a soap saver or soap deck to prolong the life of your soap. Less chemicals means it will not last as long as regular soap if left in the shower unprotected. 

Our shower steamers are made with Citric acid, baking soda, Clays and essential oils. A shower steamer is used like a bath bomb but in your shower. Simply place it at the bottom of your shower and the water will slowly melt it. As you breathe in the armoa is relaxing yet opens up your sinuses. It is great for colds, flu and allergy or just to relax. Depending how long your shower is, it could last a few. 

Please do not leave the lip balm in direct sunlight as it can soften or melt. 

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