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Massage Therapy Oil for Couples




Collections: MEN’S PERSONAL PRODUCTS, Natural Body & Home Products

Product type: Massage Oil

Vendor: intimate-hearts-ignite-passion

Tags: $20 - $50, Bath & Body, Beauty, couples, intimate-hearts-ignite-passion, Massage oil, Modalyst, sensual, Women's




  • PREMIUM THERAPEUTIC FORMULA relaxing and sensual aromatic properties enhance erotic massage. Lavender promotes relaxation and stress relief while Ylang Ylang Sweet Orange revitalize and rejuvenate.
  • NOURISHING NATURAL SKIN CARE lubricating oils for sensitive skin deliver the perfect rate of absorbency. Emollient massage oil has an abundance of anti-aging skin-nourishing vitamins for skin health.
  • CARRIER AND ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND is non-greasy and non-sticky, with perfect viscosity. Paraben free, preservative free. Hypoallergenic anti-aging body oil for dry skin prevents wrinkles and stretchmarks.
  • POWERFUL PURE INGREDIENTS highest grade therapeutic massage oil for both relaxing and sensual use. Naturally occurring constituents includes Vitamin A, D, E, F as well as proteins & antioxidants.
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEED! This massage oil is an expertly formulated aromatherapy oil which boosts mood. Smooth skin and help improve the look of cellulite and stretchmarks for a radiant complexion.


Honeydew Therapeutic Massage Oil is an all-natural revitalizing and energizing massage oil blend that rejuvenates and invigorates your body and awakens your senses. This fabulous body oil is a superb way to ignite romantic passion with your paramour. Exhilarating essential oil blend makes this seductive treat perfect for erotic massage, as well as therapeutic relaxing massage to relieve muscle aches and pains.

Alluring blend of extraordinary oils; Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Apricot, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Cranesbill and Sweet Orange provide beneficial vitamin and antioxidant therapeutic healing detox with vitamin A, D, E, and F. This relaxing massage oil has a high fatty acid content to keep skin plump, smooth and healthy. Hydrating blend also provides anti-aging skin care aid to fight fine lines, wrinkles, stretchmarks, scars, and cellulite for a soft and radiant complexion. Essential and carrier oil blend contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal as well as immune reinforcing properties to promote health and vitality.

This enchanting botanical massage blend has a pleasing botanical scent and is made from the purest all natural oils with the ideal texture and consistency to deliver just the right touch. Massage away aches and pains for healthy and holistic back pain relief. This wonderful massage oil is incredibly emollient without being greasy or sticky for an unbelievable slip. Our excellent massage oil is easy to use for a tranquil and soothing massage. Experience the wonder and thrill of an intense and invigorating massage experience.

  • Honeydew Therapeutic Massage Oil
  • Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Apricot, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Sweet Orange, and Crane's-bill
  • Essential & Carrier Oil Blend
  • Aphrodisiac Benefits
  • Emollient Body Oil
  • Relax Sore Muscles and Joints
  • Anti-Bacterial + Anti-Fungal Immune Boosting Qualities
  • Non-Greasy + Non-Sticky
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